Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cannon EOS 350D

Its mine... all mine, not that i know how to take proper photos. Its so big and lots of it, i love it, love it, love it. My new Cannon digital SLR, i am going to have to take myself off to a college and get myself on a photography course. Although i did study photography many moons ago at art college it was the old school learning how to develope with chemicals and such. Well we shall see if the difference will be noticed when i start using it. I am still awaiting for the memory card to arrive in the post, come on postman hurry up.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cara challenge

I know i am a late starter but you watch me catch up. I have not quite painted or drawn on the pics but they have been altered from the original. The oval photos were cut with a coluzzle when i very first started scrapping about 3 years ago. I went mad with the cutter and then found that i could not use them, because they were too... oval. I challenged myself to use them, and i am glad i did it worked quite well.

Friday, September 08, 2006

challenge me

Nic challenged us both to create a page from the same page map, and the results were really good, you can see nics page on her blog
compare and see how 1 layout can create 2 totally different looks. Nic always get me on to a new page, what would i do without her.

My 36th birthday (yes, i know i only look 21)

Happy birthday to me, I am now counting the years backwards i do not want to go to 40 or 50 etc. At least not yet i am too young. I had a fab day with lovely gifts and a meal in Frankie and Bennies with all my lovely close people who i love so dearly.

Alicia's 4th birthday party

The kids had a great time at Alicias birthday party, it was held at "the kids place" at Canvey Island. I am sure that the birthday girl really enjoyed herself.

Jude and Andy

i had 3 extra kiddies for the night when my little sis and her boyfriend went 1; to a wedding in the evening, 2; to a funeral on the next day. They looked so sparkly in their new togs, they were done up to the nines. This was a great photo opportunity, dont they look good together.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

In loving memory

Those of you who are close to me will know that i have just recently lost my younger brother. He was horribly killed by 4 youths at the age of 32. The youths had been harassing him for quite some time, intimidating him and beating him up when he was drunk. Simon was not a fighter, he was a survivor. Every time i saw Simon he had been bashed up, he did have a serious alchol problem but that should not be a reason for him to fall prey to these mindless yobs. These sick individuals obviously have nothing important in their lives, but i can bet they had parents and had not been brought up through the care system, unlike Simon.
Dont get me wrong i am not making excuses for Simon, but he was taken into care at the age of 4 and was put into a care home. He had a lot in life to deal with, he was taken from his mum at a young age, he lost his father to cancer after meeting him 6 months before, then to top it off our older brother Jason committed suicide, which devestated simon. Alchol and drugs become a comfort to those who feel that they have absolutly nothing and no-one, and feel so worthless to themselves, they feel useless and worthless to every one and every thing that passes through their life. Simon was a caring father, a great laugh, and a lovely brother, the most precious things to him in his life was his family. When he had not had a drink he was a totally different person. Simon has left behind 2 gorgeous children Kristy and Ewan they are sitting on the right of the photo.

Dear Simon, i shall miss you too much for words, i am sure that you knew how much i loved you and would have done anything i possibly could to make things right for you, I can see your in heaven with your brother and dad, and your at peace at last. god