Monday, October 30, 2006

"S" for holland

My s is done not too sure but just went with the flow.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween party

We have just had a great weekend, gigi came to visit this weekend and we had our own little halloween party for the kiddies. Outfits were worn exception for me because i could not find anything to fit me. but have a look at some pics.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I met such a lovely guy on holiday, he is spanish, no i did not go to spain, i went to great yarmouth, and brought back a spanish hunk. I am so loved up it is getting boring to those who constantly see me on my mobile texting him every second of the day. I cant help it you know what it is like in the throws of a new relashionship, well any way i have a couple of little lovely pics to share with you, he is gorgeous hunky sexy romantic, kind , caring ahhhhhhhhhh he is so perfect. ok ok i know, your all just jealous because you have not any romance any more and your other halves just fart and scratch and watch football all the time. lol.

Hopton Holiday park

What a great holiday, Its the first time that i have been away with family on holiday before, and we have decided to go again every year, until we are too old to walk. I saved the £9.50 sun holiday vouchers and got my sis and i a little break. The kids were excited as they were to have a week away from school. I booked the holiday on the friday and we were away on the following monday. The drive was good but how i could get lost with a Tom Tom, please dont ask. We booked in and went off to our caravan, swimming, playing, arcades, entertainment and food what more could we want. The evening entertainment was fab, especially when i met Gigi, a spanish man who worked on the holiday camp, gorgeous! what more can i say, and he thought the same about me. So it became exciting just to see george in the evenings, we struck a bond and he gave me his phone no. The kids had good time my sis and i got drunk most nights, then we had to come home. sometimes you just want to stay a little longer, but role on next year we will go again.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

were off to Hopton holiday park (Nolfork)

I managed to grab a last minute budget holiday through the sun £9.50 holidays. We are going on Monday and come back Friday. I am sure we shall have lots of fun as the weather is still quite warm. The children are so excited as they have not been away for a couple of years. I am taking my little sis and her 3 children so it is gonna be manic. I shall post the pics when we come back so watch this space. Im gonna miss u all, bon voyage. :)