Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fresh bread

I have never tasted bread so good as shannon's first attempt at home baked fresh bread. Lashings of butter and jam, and the next day we had my special recipe from prague grandma, for beef goulash. Wow i am telling you this tasted sooooooo goood. oh my, its making me hungry again. Oh and by the way, 99p stores sell these loaf tins, fabbarooni. The bread cost in total 1.98 for 2 tins, (to be used forever) flour from asda 21p per bag makes 4 loafs, yeast in 7gm sachets 68p. i cant actually do sums very well but i know that is cheap. Bring on the olden days i would so have survived on rashions.

heritage crop page

Finished, just quickly post layout, unfortunatly one photo as i dont have more but i am sure you clever ladies can adapt your layouts to fit more than 1 picture. Plus pockets sewn on for you tuck in birth certificates and such like. See you all thurs.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

crop page- pets

just quickly, crop page, cats or dogs, may have a little extra stamping by thursday eve.