Saturday, June 17, 2006

The race of life

On Sunday the 11th of June i entered a 5K run for cancer research race of life for women. My friends entered last year and i missed the booking time so had to run this year, ther was the option of walking, jogging or running, seeing as i started training in January i decided i should be fit enough to run. The max i run when i train is 1 mile sometimes i attempt the 2 mile but struggled. On the morning of the race i turned up on my own (ahh billy no mates) and watched the Essex fm road show until the race started. Ther were 5000 odd ladies turned up for the race and i must have come in the first 60 runners (not bad huh). The feeling you get when you cross that finish line is amazing, i ran in 32 minutes not bad time for 3 miles. It must have been the hottest day of the year i was soaking sweaty and nearly passed out in the plastic toilet cubicle.
It was a bit emotional when a lady with her husband broke down in tears when the minutes silence to those who had died, were suffering and had recovered from cancer was held, that was it, i started blubbering too. I set my target sponser to £50 and i was pleased to make it, such a worthwhile cause. I went straight onto my artbase crop which was held on the same day (i am a nerd who could not miss a day to scrapbook) when i got there my rear end was saturated from the heat and i walked in looking hot sweaty and cream crackered, Margaret was so kind as to take some snap shots of me in the garden and this is the layout that i completed from my snaps. I would run it again to know that any little i can do is worthwhile. I am not loving the layout too much it was one of those LO created when the creativity was low. x

Happy 11th birthday Shannon

It was Shannon's 11th birthday on the 10th of June. Having asked Shannon what she would like to do on her birthday, she said that to have a party would be good. Well i decide that to use the church hall where we have our scrapbook crop class would be perfect, Nic arranged for me to meet the treasurer to book the night i asked for the sat because i thought this was the day Shannons birthday fell on, only to be informed that there was a quiz night at that time, so i said the friday would be good then. When the meeting was arranged we found out the hall was booked for a quiz night but it was on the sat not the friday, but Shannons birthday was actually on the friday, so having got my days and dates mixed up we booked the hall on the friday 6 til 9, not hard really. So a few days down the line we made invites and sent them to school the friday before half term so that there was ample time for kids to make arragments to come, on the thurs crop sessions nic asked the treasurer if we could pay some money for the hall we booked on the sat night only to be told that the quiz night was sat and we had booked the friday which was of course the next day, after some fretting and stressing and (acusing the treasurer of getting his days mixed up ) it turned out that i had sent invites out to the kids for sat instead of fri and had to rearrange the invites and resend them on the friday morning of the party and hope that they could all come then instead of the Saturday. Oh my god it was not that hard really to arrange a kids party, luckily the DJ was available for the friday as i booked him for the sat as well, Duh i blame it on having kids they say you lose some brain cells when you give birth. All in all 15 kids turned up all the food got eaten and thanks to Hayley, Jude, Nic and few others the went down a treat. x

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My scrap canvas

I paid £1 yes only a pound for this canvas, its only because i am so tight with money, even the children know what i am like, they are so used to having jumble clothes and second hand toilet paper and tea bags that have been hung on the line and reused. I thoroughly enjoyed making this canvas it was different and cured creative block trying to creat a new layout.

Monday, June 12, 2006

chicken pox

Poor marky has caught the dreaded lurgy, i dont mind him having the chicken pox but in this weather he is grumpy itchy and just really miserable. It doesnt help that he is cutting another tooth at the same time, ahhh bless him. Poor baby Ty has it too little spotty baby x