Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hopton holiday

Another great holiday in Hopton, not only because i get to see gigi for a whole week, but because it is a great fun fab place to go, with great entertainment, a fantastic beach and lots to do.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

No car!

I cant believe it, this is one of very few occassions when i am unable to drive my car and get around. I know this sounds really stupid but i feel as though i have had my legs choppped off. I have driven since i was 17 years old and i am 37 this year, for 20 whole years, driving. I wont go into the details as to why but i cried for ages at the prospect of not getting shannon to school and mark to the mother and toddler group, and visit to nic's on monday and friday, and asda shopping, or just getting out to the park. I never realised how much i was so dependent on my car. One thing i have noticed is that i am living at a much more slow pace, and my house work is getting done, no matter how boring it is, and how stir crazy i am getting. I walked to the post office on sat morning with 2 huge parcels to send. Have you ever tried to carry 2 large parcels and push a child in a buggy at the same time. Tricky i can tell you. Still worse things happen at sea, and i do actually still have my legs, so i think i will count my blessings and just stop moaning (only for 5 minutes) because i like moaning. I am going to get on best i can without my car.