Friday, May 26, 2006

Murder Mystery (or not) that is the question!

Murder Mystery night hosted by Hayley, trust Hayley to have a great night planned. I have never been to a murder mystery night before, it was fun, we had to dress up in the selected characters designated outfits. So you can imagine a belgian detective, and english inspector, mrs marbels (losta), and a few others. Well to walk from the car to my friends house was quite embarassing, as i looked more like an american oil tycoon than a belgian detective. I have a few pics not many nicola's are much better. check out her blog . We had a great meal (3 courses) and lots of fun.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My friends sister

I have a friend, (yes it is true) only one i hear you say. No! i now have 2 in fact not just any friend it is my friends sister who is now officially my friend. Well i have known Hayley for 15 years or so and she is a really good friend more than that she is a bestest best friend every one should have a friend like her i really recommend it. 15 years of pure friendship through thick and thin an absolute gem of a girl (or woman now that she has reached 30). I have known her sister for as long but not in the same way that i know Hayley. I met my new friend through Hayley and scrapbooking, we are alike in many ways and have similar interests, she is a great source of inspiration to me in many ways not just scrapbooking and a great listener who is none judgemental, a fair minded indivdual polite and kind (she also makes a great cuppa no sugar needed). When my new friend and I got closer and started to share our time more my old friend called me a BIG FAT GO OFF i dont think she meant it in a bad way i just think she didnt want to lose me, i will always be your best friend Hayley i just need acknowledgement that i can be offically your sisters friend and not a friend of her sisters if you get what i mean. x
I dedicate this layout to Nicola my new friend and not my friends sister.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy 30th Kerry

What a great night we had on Friday, it is Kerry's 30th birthday next week and we arranged a surprise night out to the casino in Southend, what we did find out was that Kerry is a big fan of Elvis and guess what! there was an Elvis impersonater there Kerry you were rocking all night long, go girl. I have never her as happy as that night, where did you keep wandering off too, the dance floor thats whenre. I can honestly say that we did well choose the right venue and had a fab time. (x big kisses to Hayley she is the star organiser). I think we are done with 30 birthdays now for the year, shame really because we have been out more this year than any other and had some hum dinger nights out.

Casino Kerry 30th

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bargain of the year

Oh my what a bargain hunter i am, i have this really great friend you may know of her, she is becoming a bit of a celeb in the scrapbook circles with all the wonderful art she produces. Well it all started with the walkers crisps buy 1 multi pack and get another free! Now I am very like nic in this sense where a bargain is especially essential and even more so if it is for freee. I am a self confessed crisps addict I find it very hard to go through a day with out some, I recently bought some pickled onion beastie bites in asda and they totally did it for me they are lovely, nic tried some and thought they were equally delicious, so she did ask me on my next trip if I would be so kind as to grab her a few bags or 10. I must admit I forgot when I went into asda, but when I next saw nic she had been to her local sweetie shop (naughty girl) and bought untold sweeets not for carter but for herself. Dip dabs, chews, fizzy things and some space raiders (pickled onion ones at that), well to cut a long probably boring story short I went into 99p stores today after getting some artist canvas (which were out of stock by the way) I came across a mega supa bag of PICKLED ONION SPACE RAIDERS for 99p 15 lovely bags of onion space invaders I did think of nic and got them for her bargain or what but guess what it was the last pack oh no what do I do, do I give them to her or do I open them and start eating them, because I hadn't had any lunch at the time I was really tempted, but no I really had to try hard to restrain myself and kept them for a wonderful friend who needs them more than I. i nearly opened the pack about 5 times. So nic when you read this I shall see you in the morning at some point and I shall give you them you truly are worth it.

Monday, May 01, 2006

rainy bank holiday monday

Rain rain go away, i went for my usual run in the morning but typicaly this bank holiday monday was rainy one but i still ran, in fact i ran and ran and ran not usual for me i am surprised actually as i had little sleep last night. child no 2 and child no 3 were both restless and up on more than one ocassion each. i am thinking of having them surgically stitched to their beds forever. (only joking of course). As i am typing this the sun is quite warm and bright so the day has brightened up but we cant go out because asda are delivering my shopping between 3pm and 6pm, and i must be here or we wont have any food for tea tonight.