Monday, July 31, 2006

The biggest paddling pool in world

Mark got this pool for his birthday last november, i usually fill it with play balls for him, but during this hot weather we need ed a pool the shops had sold out so we had to use this one. Thomas and Natalie had hours of fun in this tiny pool as you can see they are happy and soaked. I thought they looked quite funny in there.

Super quick LO

Wow, watch me now! I fell asleep on the settee last night while watching tribes on bbc, then woke at 10pm got myself a cold drink and had this sudden urge of scrapbook inspiration. I should have gone to bed, but then decided to act upon this or it may be some time before the next urge comes along. I was actually finished by 12pm which is really super human quick for me to create a LO all i had to do was stick every thing down, so i decided to leave it til the morning. I woke up at 9am had a fantastic sleep. I almost thought i had created in my sleep but it was still there. I am still feeling creative so i may go create another watch this space...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My little sister Jude

This is Jude my little sis, when we were younger we used to look so alike some thought we were twins, which is good for me as i am 18 months older. But as the years have gone on we have both changed quite a bit and look nothing alike until we smile, we have the same smily teeth. She is such a great friend as well as a fab sister. I promised myself i would dedicate a layout to her, my fortnighty disco partner. rock on Jude.

erghhhh ive been pooped on

how is being pooped on by a bird supposed to be lucky, come on, please! i was sat having a lovely saturday chill with the children at Hayleys house with nic and their children, when all of a sudden plop, on my foot i have the photos to as evidence (i hope i dont get bird flu).

Haircut 100

It was haircut time for all of the children Shannon had about 3" cut off and Natalie about 1", little Mark just had his little curls cut off which made him look like a really big boy.

Natalies 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Natalie, happy birthday to you. You made it to four you little rascal goodness knows how you are sometimes very trying and quite demanding but you are too sweet and get away with murder, my little princess bossy boots having a lovely time. We went to Frankie and Bennies for your birthday tea and your daddy came with us, although you kept begging me to take you to the movies to see chicken little,17-7-2006

Update your blog for goodness sake

I have finally updated my blog as i have been saying i am going to do it for almost a month, well here is another LO created just to kick start the creative urges, i dont feel the love with it too much but the photos on the LO were taken in the photo booths on the service stations on the M1 while travelling to Notts to visit some family.

15 minutes of fame

I am so pleased with myself, you would not believe how long it has taken me to finally have a LO published in a scrapbook magazine. The first attempt ended with the magazine deciding to fold (booo), I was then asked if i could create a LO for the men pages set to be in another magazine and to take part in the my time article, which once i had completed the relevant LO and bits and bobs only to find this magazine also folded, as you can guess i was starting to get a complex is it something to do with me! Then in the last issue of scrapbook inspirations, and the last issue of the scrapbook magazine i finally had my LO published (hurraah for me i am famous).