Friday, August 24, 2007

forgot this one

Mark and his few bits of whispy hair, he looks like his mum. poor thing.

New Layouts

I love it Nicola calls and says "i've just finished another layout", because it gets me inspired to scrap. Probably that competetive streak in me gets going. So here i have Bradley bear from one visit to Hopton, and random photo pulled out of the cupboard because it was getting left lying around waiting to get torn or screwed up.

crop layouts - last crop

just posting, i know this is very delayed, i am really going to try to make myself on time or even early for every thing from now on. I hope!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Car update

I paid £100 for 2 suspension arms £20 quid for wishbone and new window, plus £10 tracking. Only to drive the car home almost in tears. I dont think that all the work i was told had been done has actually been done. The car did drive better but even the tyre man said there was still something not right. I found out from the mechanic supposedly done the work that he only fixed one wheel arm and not 2. I was so pissed off, i cried for 48 hours i am so stressed with cars etc, and shits who steal them. I am not a person who seeks revenge but on this occasssion i hope god is looking down on all car theifs in the world and creates a really nice hell for them at some point in their life, or that one day they spend their money on a car and the same thing happens to them. Back on thursday for the naff mechanic to actually do the job that he charged me for in the first place.

Friday, August 17, 2007

No car again!

In May this year i bought myself a cheap little run-around called Crystal. She is a light blue 4 door, K reg ford fiesta. I was so happy to have an economic car that basically got me from A to B. Now she wont get from A to anywhere. Tuesday 7th July 2007, or Wednesday 8th july at 1.15am, I was woken by the police. I actually felt physically sick because anytime i have police knock on my door it is usually very grim news, when i heard the words. "I am sorry but we have some bad news" my stomach turned. We have just caught a man driving your car. Thank god it was just my car and not another member of my family dead. Well i had to make a statement and await a letter in the post to say that i could collect my car from the compound. When i contacted the compound i was told it was going to cost me £105.00 to retrieve my car. I could not believe it. My car gets stolen taken by the police for forensic evidence then I, ME, must pay or i do not get the car back. Every day it is held in the compound incures a £12 per day charge. The ignition barrel was damaged, the back passenger window was smashed and the front wheel looks like it should be on a cartoon car, it is so bent. I swear if any of my children ever take something from another person i will string them up myself. It would be so silly for me to claim on my car insurance as i have 13 years without ever claiming, plus my car was valued by my insurers for only £280.00 even though i paid £350.00. So, as you can imagine i am not a happy bunny at the moment.