Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Czech republic - Prague

I have recently been on a trip to prague, in the czech republic. The flight was good it only took us 1 3/4 hours to get there. When we arrived the heat was wonderful 90 degrees. We travelled from the air port to the centre of prague thenwe would catch the tram and this would take us direct to our hotel. Only that would be if they hadnt dug up half the tram line on our journey. So george and i had to walk! It wouldnt have been so bad if my luggage had wheels. Poor george had to carry my suitcase on the 3 mile journey across the city to our hotel. It was quite funny at one point because george was getting frustrated at not knowing which alternative bus or tram route to take as well as carrying my stupid case. Plus you know what women are like with packing every thing and the kitchen sink. During one of our many pitstops i offered to carry my own luggage, which annoyed george because he is big and strong and i am not. So we played tug of war with this case in the middle of the street, to my delight it made me laugh and i told him at least we are going to have fun on this trip. with did see the funny side of it. Only thing is we still had to return to the airport at the end of our week. :).
Our holiday was full of sight seeing and soaking up the relaxed atmosphere. I noticed how beautiful the women were in prague and how slim. When we passed a macdonalds there it was empty i was completely shocked and it was saturday night. There was one man in there though... the tramp asleep on a bench seat, how funny was that, i guess this is why most people are really slim they dont eat crap the food was so healthy and the beer is made from natural spring water and not chemical. I love prague it was my kind of country. I definately will be returning.