Monday, March 24, 2008

New home

On the 3rd of March 2008 i moved into a council house. The rent is unbelievably half the cost of my private rentale house, so i can afford to go back to work now. Its strange how affordable housng encourages you want to work rather than make you worry for working and to be afraid of not affording to live because your rent will take 90% of your wages. any way i am happy now and george says that if i ever plan to move home again he will leave me. The reason being that it took me a week alone moving boxes by myself in the evenings and the day that the kids were at school. George moved with me the big items at the weekend. and with just the 2 of us it took 2 1/2 whole days (ALONE) no family or offer from friends. We were recovering for the entire week after. Strangely though i have moved 11 odd times in 13 years, but this time was the longest hardest slog ever. Never again. never ever i really mean it, just wished i had the camera handy to take snaps.