Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saffi (my new addition the family)

I only bought her one week ago, she is lovely. I have been waiting for sometime now for the right one to come along. Beautiful purple / blue, good steering and great body work. Poor crystal was never the same since she got stolen and rammed up a curb and had her window smashed. I will never ever forget to use a steering lock ever. I part exchanged crystal and got a great deal through a good friend of mine. It was quite funny driving through Great yarmouth on sunday when the biggest mother spider slowley crept out from the steering wheel. I nearly pooped pants and crashed the car all at the same time. How not funny. I have never squeeled like a pig before. could have been more funny for the others who had to remove it out the window.

Oh No! more kittens on the way

Poor pebbles she has been at it again, i noticed that she was getting a fat pumpkin. Not long now i think. The last litter consisited of 7, and somebody told me that they have more with each litter. I will be updating as and when they pop.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Layouts up!

Here we go, celebrate what you wish, its a pretty open layout and you can see a little empty space i may put in some journaling but as you know me well, i may not! see you thurs.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Crop time

The crop will be on as usual this week even though a few peolpele have told me they are not coming, the page will be CELEBRATION, not yet done but in progress. So you can decide what you want to celebrate, bright and cheerful colour paper on black card background , must get cracking.